Self packing tips

· Ensure you use good quality materials including moving boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Low quality packing material and weak packing boxes can cause your items to get damaged during transportation. If you require packing material please check our shop page where you can find and order our high quality packing material at competitively low prices to provide you with the best packing material for your home moving service

· Use packing paper and bubble wrap for all fragile and breakable items, this extra layer of protection will usually help cushion it so it is safe for transporting to your desired location.

· Label all boxes by which room they are from and the contents inside, this way you know what’s in each box and which room you need the box taken to by our moving team, at Excellent Removals we like to place all boxes and furniture in the room you require them to save you moving stuff around after we have gone and by us placing the items in the rooms they should be in, it will allow you to settle in and unpack your items efficiently without wasting valuable time.

Packing Tips