Video Survey

Please activate your mobile phone camera and slowly walk through your home room by room pointing out which items are being transported to your new home, please show all angles of large and bulky furnture and similar items along with all kitchen appliances. It would also be helpful if you could walk us to your front door so we can analyse any access issues with removal of items from your property to our removal van. When you have completed the survey video you can send this to us either by whatsapp message or e-mail to where one of our customer service team will start the process of arranging a competitve moving quotation and to also make a plan for an excellent removal service for you.

To complete the home video survey process please follow these easy steps.

Why use home video survey for removal quote?

Our expert surveyors can judge which size removal truck is required for your move

We can assess the access situation for carrying your furniture from your home to our removal van

We can analyse if bulky furniture requires dismantling to remove from the premises

We can provide you with a more accurate and competitive quotation for your removal service

With our WhatsApp video survey you can ask our surveyor any questions which you may have regarding moving your possession safely